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【中英歌詞】ナノ - glow

 ナノnano - glow  原作:keeno  唄:初音ミク .。.:*・+・.。.・+・.。.・+・.。.・+・.。.・+・.。.・+・*:。. 英中歌詞:niconico台灣(感謝字幕君ww)      http://tw.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm15938898 The ice cold raindrops falling from the sky 冰冷的雨滴從天空落下 they try to melt away all my broken scars 他們試著溶解我所有破碎的傷痕 The shining after glow gently caught my eyes 閃耀之後的微光逐漸的吸引我的目光 with someone's smiling face hidden deep inside 和某個人微笑的臉深深的隱藏在心中 As the time is passing by we find the strength inside 我們隨著時間的流逝中找到力量 the beautiful lies are not so hard to tell as before 美麗的謊言已不像以前那麼難以說出口 and in the past I've had to taste so many different pains 與過去我不得不體會各種的痛苦一樣多 Sometimes I still hear them knocking on ma door 有時我依然能聽到他們敲著我的門 You're fading away 你逐漸消失 No way for you to see the tears in my eyes 沒辦法給你看到我眼中的眼淚 In this sentimental glowing twighlight 在這個感傷的微紅薄暮中 nobody is there to hear me cry 沒有人在那聽見我的哭聲 Please take a look inside of me 請看一看在我內心深處 all the scars you've given me 你所給我的所有傷痕 I can't go on not even one more step 我甚至不能再繼續下去一步 they've taken all of me 它們已經拿走我的所有 "Please disappear.I don't want you here." "請消失吧 我不想你在這裡" I look at you and pray like this 我看著你祈求著我 but tell me why I can't go on 但告訴我 為何我不能繼續下去 I'm holding onto you so deep inside 你一直都再我內心深處 Now it's time for you to walk the distance 現在是時候為你遠走 nothing is left for me but only silence 沒什麼好說的除了沉默以外 in this sentimental glowing twighlight 在這個感傷的微紅薄暮中 You're falling away 你漸漸的消失 Alone I face the night 我獨自一人面對黑夜 You will stay forever deep inside me 你將會永遠深深的在我的心中 Just my stupid little childish fantasy 只不過是我愚笨的孩子氣幻想 in this sentimental glowing twighlight 在這個感傷的微紅薄暮中 I'm fallng apart without you 沒有你我成了碎片 Can you wipe away all of my tears? 你能擦去我所有的眼淚嗎? Can you fight away all of my tears? 你能奪走我所有的恐懼嗎? Reaching out my hands trying to hold on 我伸出手試著緊緊抓住你 to the you that I don't want to lose 因為我不想要失去你 ※影片中的字幕twighlight應該是twilight  但是我沒有改,尊重影片QQ .。.:*・+・.。.・+・.。.・+・.。.・+・.。.・+・.。.・+・*:。.  nano的歌好好聽♥♥♥  因為瘋狂所以我整理了中英歌詞對照ww  喜歡的人可以拿走,但是要說明出處,謝謝!